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We took part in DesignMarch this year, with an exhibition that aims to bring awareness about our collective future. The goal of this exhibition is to use my Ph.D research with the aim of educating better our community towards carbon negative materials and raise awareness about our need to #adapt & #evolve. The “play house” as a workshop will resemble as a symbol of our children’s future in a planet that screams for regenerative practices and carbon neutral policies. The children, as the agent of interaction with our model not only work towards children as citizens and participants of our society but and foremost, intent to deliver the message of responsability and care for our planet, creating a safe future space for generations to co.Exist. #Children #future #architecture #safespace #co.exist #climatechangeawareness #adpt&evolve #artandarchitecture #researchleadership


 I hosted “The Play House” workshop for children integrated in my exhibition Adapt & Evolve _Exhibition at Norræna húsið The Nordic House on HönnunarMars // DesignMarch.

Bringing children into climate change talk through play and imagination

Thank you Nordic House for having me as a host for this amazing time! Was so amazing to feel that children are totally engaged into the project I proposed them and see the fantastic ability to be creative and fun yet when dealing with serious topics such as climate change and their future!

The Play House is an invitation to us a community to get our facts straight and do the inside work of realising that our children are the ones to bear the consequences of our choices!

Everyone can do a little part.

The PlayHouse


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